The best and most suitable insulation for sealing large and small pools, as well as ponds and watercourses and fountains with high efficiency, which can be apply with a kenitex spray gun or plastic paint brush!


Nano-Pool water insulation is a product with two components, including acrylic latex with blue tone (A) and organomineral blue powder (B), which after mixing with mixer, a thick liquid honey-like in a blue pool color will form. Which can be applied with a plastic paint brush or kenitex spray gun or airless sprayer on the surfaces and floor of the pool. the first step with a brush to cover the probable pores and cracks and probes then the second step is to run with a kenitex spray gun to produce a smooth, beautifully colored blue water. With these steps, practically two things are done simultaneously - insulation and painting.


The amount of Nano-Pool insulation depends on the beneath the workspace conditions. In order to obtain the appropriate result, it is recommended to use a bag of Nanopowder1 with a bottle of Nano-Adhesive 300 plus a cement envelope and 250 kg to 300 kg of lime stone powder. After cement dries, you can apply Nano-Pool to the best and most beautiful possible. The amount of use in both hands is 2kg / m2 for a minimum thickness of 2mm.

Curing and sealing test:

To ensure sealing, it is necessary to allow for at least 3 days (72 hours) of Nano Pool application to complete curing and then test the sealing. Experience has shown that Nano Pool in cold climates requires a longer curing time.

It should be recalled that special attention is needed to seal the lights installed in the pool, around the power cables and around the rings of the pool lights carefully sealed with silicon glue and then test the pool.

Special attention should be paid to the implementation of the Nano Pool at the wall connection to the floor and the location of the poured pool pipes in the floor and the tube pipe material, the use of polypropylene mesh in these cases is necessary.

Other advantages of this product include the following.


Nanoshield is a sure solution !