Multifunctional Moisture Insulation

Nano Powder 1

One of the worst problems in the cement works is the high water absorption and breaking of mosaic cement due to the following main reasons.

Nano Cement Adhesive 300

Water Insulation Nano adhesive 300 is a single-component white color with a lubricant characteristic as a primer bonding with extensive use

Nano ArdoColor

Nano Ardocolor is a great product for sealing and decorating the northern cities of the country with high humidity.

Nano Acetone Color

Water Insulation Nano Acetone Color is a single-component white liquid base of nano acrylic blue base that, after drying, creates a layer of glassy on the work


Nano-Color water insulation is a two component product consisting of latex (component A) and color powder envelope (component B)


Nano-Multi water insulation is a powerful product for sealing a variety of surfaces

Nanoshield is a sure solution !