Nano-Multi is a multi-purpose insulator for all types of sealing structures with adhesion properties to various types of surfaces such as metal, cement, tile and glass, and so on. Nano-Multi is a green liquid that can be applied to various types of sealing with brush paint and kinitex spray gun.

Nano-Multi water insulation is a powerful product for sealing a variety of surfaces.

Nano-Multi is a two-component product made up of acrylic latex and organomineral green powder, which, can be applied after mixing by plastic paint brush or Kenitex spray gun or airless sprayer, to a variety of surfaces.

After drying and stiffening, Nano-Multi remains soft and in two hands, with a time interval of 3 to 6 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, perfectly sealing and even air-locking the desired surface.

Uses of Nano-Multi Water Insulation

Multi-purpose water insulation of Nano-Multi can be applied at various levels, especially in the reconstruction of old buildings, high towers, dams, shear walls and wherever sealing and air-lock are required.

Advantages of Nano-Multi Insulation

  1. Positive pressure bearing up to 7 atmospheres
  2. Negative pressure bearing up to 3 atmospheres
  3. Resistant to a variety of solvents such as paint thinner and gasoline
  4. Antibacterial and anti-algae
  5. Temperature resistant from negative 20 ° C to positive 300 ° C
  6. Ability to apply in different parts and times
  7. Ability to apply in wet place

Nano-Multi is a safe and effective water insulator to replace traditional insulators such as Bituminous waterproofing.

Ease of implementation and compatibility for all the types of sealing, and also lower cost than other insulators after the implementation are the most important properties of Nano-Multi.


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